The Concept.

What is is about the sound of music that captures our imagination, drives us to seek it out?

Why do musicians lock themselves in rooms for hours on end to craft that one perfect beat, or dedicate a lifetime of passion to find the perfect sound?

The Truth.

Music is about the experience of the moment.

Music is not about sounds. It's not even about performance. It's the magical state that we find when actively engaged with the sound we are sharing and the people who are connected to it.

Fly on the Wall is not just about production. It is an experiment in how to connect viewers with the musical moment.

A hidden camera; an unnoticed microphone. FOTW lies in wait for the magical transformative experience of the world-class musician, to capture and share with the world. Watch our series, and experience musicians like you have never experienced them before.

Real talent. Real connection. Real music.