Short Film


One perfect nighttime. One world-class pianist. And a single musical masterpiece.

'Études-tableaux' is a short film shot in a single night in London. In the wake of an intensive concert tour, Boris Giltburg races across London to meet with Fly On The Wall's Stewart French direct from his final concert. Exhilerated and adrenaline-fuelled, they set out to film Rachmaninov's masterpiece: the Études-tableaux.

The idea? To set aside the perfection of the recording studio and the distraction of a production team 2-years ago. And capture the excitement of this one single moment.

About the film

Location: Jaques Samuels Pianos, London

Music: Études-tableaux, Op. 39 by Sergei Rachmaninov (Public Domain)

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Avatar bg 8190743a324ca7c2f35835a26daf8f4dfeb6db6e4ef0ed27cffc75774af29a9e Boris Giltburg, Pianist
Avatar sf 491f9ab5013d8452969a81e2f6ee0fc082aec4c77e02bc21b47c9e441a69b26b Stewart French, Filmmaker