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Beethoven32 (2019-20)

In 2019, pianist Boris Giltburg embarked on a unique project: to learn and record all Beethoven's 32 piano sonatas in one single year. The challenge took on a new dimension as the global pandemic hit, the journey becoming just as much a mental and personal lifeline from a dislocated reality. Over 18 months, from this situation of forced isolation and infrequent contact, Fly On The Wall followed his journey to learn the 27 sonatas new to him, filming and recording the complete 9-CD set in the magnificent Fazioli concert hall in Sacile.

Featured Artists:

Boris Giltburg

Produced by:

Fly On The Wall

Directed by:

Stewart French

Comissioned by:

Boris Giltburg


Naxos of America, Marquee TV