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Live At The V&A (2021)

During the 2020 pandemic, the iconic Victoria and Albert museum in London stood deserted, the Raphael cartoons looming forsaken in the shadows, a symbol of our own social isolation. Following months of segregation, we brought a group of musicians into the museum to experience this unique moment in space and time, to consider and reflect on their experiences in music as they gazed, while still distanced from one-another, at the paintings as if through a looking-glass to a simpler time. The resulting film throws up unexpected and beautiful connections, as the scenes unfolding appear themselves newly created canvases, our own separation from each other seeming to somehow illuminate the hidden connections between us all.

Featured Artists:

Viktoria Mullova, Academy of St Martin in the Fields, Oliver Zeffman.

Produced by:

Fly On The Wall

Directed by:

Stewart French

Comissioned by:

Ozero Records


Platoon, Marquee.tv