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Fly On The Wall

Intimate. Frank. Unguarded.

Fly On The Wall is an audio-visual art project about musicians and the magic of the moment.

The Concept
Featured Video

Boris Giltburg
'Suggestion Diabolique'

Israeli pianist Boris Giltburg plays Prokofiev's fiendish 'Suggestion Diabolique'. The video was taken from a late night concert run-through in a Maida Vale practice room, London.

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About FOTW

Fly On The Wall is an experimental audio-visual portraiture project, in the form of short, uncut films and albums. FOTW began filming recording sessions in 2015 at sessions with Hyperion, Intermusica, Askonas Holt and Naxos. Since then, the project has recieved millions of views, and has been featured in Gramophone Magazine, The Sunday Times, BBC Music Magazine and Classic FM.