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The Project: Uncut (2015-2023)

Fly On The Wall is a film and live album series about classical music in the UK. Over 8 years, we filmed a tribe of elite classical musicians from the best independent labels, uncut and in single takes, using a single handheld camera. The resulting eight collections - which we aim to release in 2024 - are curated exhibitions taken from over 300 intensely private, uninterrupted performances, capturing the magic of live classical performance like never before.

From Vol. 4 - Boris Giltburg, "Études-Tableau"

From Vol. 1 - Tim Mead & La Nuova Musica, "Aria Vergnügte Ruh!"


1: The Singers

Tim Mead, Lucy Crowe, The King's Singers, The Choir of Clare College, Lise Lindstrom, La Nuova Musica, Ilona Domnich

2: Classical Music in the UK

Alina Ibragimova, Cedric Tiberghien, The Maxwell Quartet, Alban Gerhardt, Richard Goode, The Doric Quartet, Marc-Andre Hamelin, Pavel Kolesnikov, Angela Hewitt

3: New Music Projects

Colin Currie Group, Marc-Andre Hamelin, Steven Isserlis, Stewart French, Steve Gibson, Francoise-Green Duo, Rosey Chan, Cedric Tiberghien

5: The Competition Tribe

Pavel Kolesnikov, Federico Colli, Vadym Kholodenko, Luca Buratto, Andrey Gugnin, Luis Schwizgebel, Daniel Ciobanu, Claire Huang-ci, Kotaro Fukuma

6: Steinway & Fazioli

Nikolai Demidenko, Marc-Andre Hamelin, Alexander Gadjiev, Emmanuel Despax, Marco Fatichenti

8: Behind Closed Doors

Navarra Quartet, Julian Metzger, Marco Fatichenti, Vickers-Bovey Duo, Rachel Kudo, Sofia Fomina, The Linos Trio, Mela Guitar Quartet